Are You Making One Of These Common A/C Mistakes?

Being a homeowner requires you to wear many hats within your household. It is easy to overlook or put off tasks in your home that you may not deal with day-to-day. Not only do we all tend to overlook various aspects of our homes, but there are common mistakes we all tend to make. You may not even realize how much money these mistakes are costing you!

Poor A/C Placement

The location of where your A/C system is in relation to your home is crucial to its overall efficiency. Placement is an easy aspect that gets overlooked when installing an A/C system or when touring a potential home. It is ideal to have your system on the east side of your home so it avoids direct sunlight during the hottest parts of the day – right when your system needs to be working the hardest to cool off your home!

Setting the Thermostat Too Low

It is natural to assume that setting your thermostat low will cool your home faster; however, that is not the case. Your system is going to work at the same strength and pace no matter what the temperature is set at. Setting the temperature of your thermostat lower only extends your system’s cycle and the amount of energy it must expend. 

Ceiling Fan Misuse

Ceiling fans are the ideal way to cool down your home while keeping your thermostat at the same temperature. Ceiling fans allow you to reach the cooler temperature you want without using additional energy or increasing your energy bill! However, the direction that your fan is spinning will dictate if it is in “winter mode” or “summer mode”. If your fan is spinning counterclockwise it will pull air towards the ceiling and down the walls, doing little to provide comfort. To ensure you are staying COOL this summer, make sure to switch your fan to the correct rotation! 

Ignoring Maintenance

All of these common A/C mistakes can lead to higher bills, but this one can be the most costly. Ignoring A/C maintenance can result in extensive and expensive repairs in the long run and no one wants that! A/C systems that receive annual maintenance can last up to 10 years longer than neglected systems. A/C tune-ups are a perfect way to prevent a costly repair!

Getting an A/C tune-up can be just what you need to get you ready for the summer season! Having fewer repairs and less money spent on your A/C will be beneficial for the longevity of your home and your wallet. Schedule an appointment with us today at or call us at 833-201-4719.