Easily Locate The Source Of Your Drain Clog Issues with These Tips

Getting a clog in your home can be a DRAG! You may be aware of the common locations of clogs but do you know EXACTLY where they’re coming from? Our Peter Levi team is here to make sure that your home FLOWS right. Check out these three common clog locations and how they can affect you.  

Shower Backup


We know that standing in a pool of water while you’re in the shower is VERY frustrating. The most common cause of a shower backup is hair, soap scum, hard water or dead skin cells. These can stick to your pipes, creating blockages. Try using a hair catcher to reduce the amount of hair or other debris from going down your drains. 

Kitchen & Bathroom Sinks

This is a very common clog location for your home due to excess food, soap scum, grease and other items that will go down your disposal/sink. Instead of using harsh chemicals that RUIN your drains, try plunging it or using a drain snake to help unclog your sink. Help avoid this issue by running your garbage disposal regularly to avoid food build-up.  


Another annoying clog location in your home is your toilet. If your toilet is blocked, this can potentially bring tons of damage to your home. These blockages can be caused by using too much toilet paper, cat litter, feminine products and other items. You can initially try to use a plunger to fix the clog, but there could be a more severe back-up that you are unaware of lying beneath.

If you’ve tried the above and are STILL experiencing clogs or backups in your shower, sinks or toilet – Give our Peter Levi Plumbing & HVAC team a call at 855-433-6800, we’ll make sure to take care of your drains and get you FLOWING right again.